• I spent a couple of days chasing Crypto giveaway scams

    I spent a couple of days chasing Crypto giveaway scams

    If you’re into crypto like me and you’re on Twitter, chances are pretty good the Twitter algorythm has put some crypto giveaways in your timeline. While some of these tweets are absolutely legitimate, a bunch of them are just scammers that are out to get your crypto coins. Usually such a tweet will indicate they’ll…

  • How to clean your hacked WordPress site?

    How to clean your hacked WordPress site?

    Your site is hacked. What to do next? A lot of people will tell you just to restore a backup. But what most people do not take into account is that the original hack and the deployment of all malware isn’t always on the very same moment. There’s a trend (that has surfaced and increased…

  • Announcing WP Sweeper

    Announcing WP Sweeper

    “A new way to clean hacked WordPress sites” I’ve spent the past couple of years learning and writing shell scripts. I’m also passionate about WordPress. As I’m often asked to clean hacked WordPress sites, I started to work on a script that automates this in a world where Corona still was just a beer. Today…

  • Audi Electric Kick Scooter Review

    Audi Electric Kick Scooter Review

    A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of testing the Audi Electric Kick Scooter for about 1,5 days (mostly due to the bad Belgian weather), thanks to HLN Drive. Since I had prior experiences using sharing platforms like Dott and sincerely liked using their kick scooters, I was very curious about Audi’s take…

  • Improving WordPress security with the .htaccess

    Improving WordPress security with the .htaccess

    In this article I’ll share some of the security tweaks I tend to add to the .htaccess to improve security of the WordPress-installation. Hide the wp-config.php file Since the wp-config.php file contains our database credentials, we do not want this file to be accessible, PERIOD. So by adding this snippet to our .htaccess file we…

  • A small bash backup script for WordPress

    As most of you know I work as an Escalation Engineer at Combell.com. Recently I crafted a tiny backup script that makes backups of my own site. While this script is optimized for use on shared servers at Combell.com, it can easily be adapted to be used anywhere. This script can be run automatically on…

  • Using WordPress as a static site generator

    This weekend I spoke at WordCamp Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Below you can find my slides for that presentation. Using WordPress as a Static Site Generator from Brecht Ryckaert

  • An intro to the command-line for WordPress – Part 1

    Working with WordPress on a daily basis at Combell.com (a Team.Blue company) means I get to see, optimize and debug a ton of WordPress sites each single day. This also means I sometimes need things to be dealt with quickly. And that’s where the command-line comes in… So why won’t you use WP-CLI? Of course…

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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