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My Books

I love both WordPress and Writing, so I started writing books on WordPress and Authorship in 2014.

These are my most recent publications:

There’s more !

Here’s why I think everyone should write a book:

Reason one - Sharing

Sharing your knowledge, vision or fantasy with the world. In my case, it’s all about educating other WordPress users and aspiring authors.

Reason two - Promoting

Publishing a book is an amazing tool for self-promotion. Thanks to my first book, I’ve had a massive boost in speaking gigs and business.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three - Earning

When you start publishing your first book, you’re actually creating a new income stream, creating some more financial leeway for you and your family.

About Brecht

Brecht is an WordPress-enthousiast, speaker and author from Belgium. He’s been working with WordPress since version 1.5. Brecht works at as a Senior Support Engineer.